Have you heard this quote, “The biggest lie I tell myself is “I don’t need to write that down, I’ll remember it.””? I believe that to be true not only with words but with documenting life through a camera. My oldest is now 22 years old. Let me tell you that when we were pregnant with him we bought out first camera, a canon digital zoom. We thought we won the lotto with this “high tech” camera. We quickly discovered it was documenting the moment AFTER it happened as the technology wasn’t as great as we thought. The one second lag from pushing the shutter button open to close was one second too long. It was frustrating as our babe started to crawl. So my dear husband surprised me and bought me my first dSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera. From that moment on I couldn’t document fast enough. I knew this was the way for me to capture life in the moment. Now that I’ve been a photographer for nearly 19 years I have affirmed this is still the best way to capture the visual life in the here-and-now. Once this moment has passed, there’s no going back only moving forward and we don’t want our memory to forget it. 

This is why my approach is all about right-now; capturing life as it is, flaw and all. It’s what is so beautiful about humans and the planet. Not to get too woo-woo, but those leaves and that water and this kiddo will not look the same in a month, year, or decade. Helping our memory recall those moments when they happened are part of our story. 

My love of documenting life is a part of who I am.

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While my name is a noun and simply means, "pleasing arrangement of sounds" (sweet, right?), my brother actually named me from the Sesame Street character named, Oscar the Grouch. I much more align with positivity and joyfulness, rather than grumpy 'ol Oscar.

the story behind my name:

Having a name that is three syllables doesn’t often roll off the tongue easily. Over the years my family and friends have shortened my name in many variations. One that has stuck often is “Ody”. The three last letters of my first name. Let me be clear though, it’s not Odie like Garfield’s friendly dog, LOL. Fast forward to social media and I needed a “handle” that included both first and last name (I don’t remember why though). I blended the last three letters of my first name with the first three letters of my last name and in that moment, odymac was born. While my business name is still three syllables, it seems to roll off the tongue easier and, it’s a lot shorter in length. ;) Be on the lookout for: Last 3, First 3 in the future emails/blog posts.  

the story behind the business name:

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My goal is to always capture at least one photo of your family that you can use to hang in your house, or post to social media, or share with family. 

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nothing is more important than capturing family in the later season of their lives

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My goals for hiring me are to capture your family and as many details as possible to be able to recall this session with all your senses, curate a gallery that enhances those details through gentle editing, and provide an opportunity to get those details printed and into your hands.  Alliterations are my jam so let me sum up what I specialize in:

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